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2024 TCKC Fee Structure

Kart & Supermoto Membership Fees:

TCKC Single Membership – $150.00

TCKC Family Membership (All must live in Same Residence) – $200.00

If a member is also a Minor (Under the Age of 18), please fill out a Minor Release Form for each Minor.

At time of Membership Renewal, you will turn in:

  • TCKC Membership Form Proof of age for any minor listed on Membership

  • Minor Release Form for each Minor Driver

  • You will have to be a paid 2024 Club Member and meet all Championship Class requirements to receive points at the first Club Race.


Practice Day:

$40.00 Driver Kart Member per day

$60.00 Driver Kart Non Member per day

$40.00 Driver Supermoto Member per day

$60.00 Driver Supermoto Non Member per day

Race Day:

$80.00 Driver 1st entry Member

$50.00 Driver additional entry Member

$120.00 Driver 1st entry Non member

$50.00 Driver additional entry Non member

Partial refunds will only be given on race days if an attempt to qualify has not taken place. If you have paid to race and a problem arises prior to qualifying, you will be refunded all but practice fees.

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