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2023 TCKC Fee Structure

Kart & Supermoto Membership Fees:

TCKC Single Membership – $150.00

TCKC Family Membership (All must live in Same Residence) – $200.00

If a member is also a Minor (Under the Age of 18), please fill out a Minor Release Form for each Minor.

At time of Membership Renewal, you will turn in:

  • TCKC Membership Form Proof of age for any minor listed on Membership

  • Form (copy of Birth Certificate)

  • Minor Release Form for each Minor Driver

  • You will have to be a paid 2023 Club Member and meet all Championship Class requirements to receive points at the first Club Race.


Practice Day:

$40.00 Driver Kart Member per day

$50.00 Driver Kart Non Member per day

$40.00 Driver Supermoto Member per day

$50.00 Driver Supermoto Non Member per day

Race Day:

$80.00 Driver 1st entry Member

$50.00 Driver additional entry Member

$100.00 Driver 1st entry Non member

$100.00 Driver additional entry Non member

Partial refunds will only be given on race days if an attempt to qualify has not taken place. If you have paid to race and a problem arises prior to qualifying, you will be refunded all but practice fees.

Pit Parking Reservation

Pit Parking Space are available for annual reservation. Check here for the updated pit map.

Full season pit lease fees will be $150.00 for inside locations (#5 – #30) and $300 for spaces along the north fence (#31 – 34) and south fence (#1 – #4). Otherwise the fee to use an inside asphalt pit spot will be $30 per club race weekend.

If you had a reserved pit spot in 2022, you have the first right of refusal for 2022. The deadline for all members who held pit locations last year and want to renew for 2023 is March 6th &  submit payment by 1st practice weekend. Please notify TCKC (email address: if you would like to renew and send payment to TCKC, PO Box 3662, Pasco WA 99302.

If you have any questions or your payment can’t get in on time by mail, please let us know. Send emails to On March 2nd, at the Track Clean-Up party, all remaining spots will be open for any club member to lease and they will be filled from a waiting list and then a first come, first serve basis.

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