ICP Daily Schedule - Download it here. (updated 4/7/21)


NWKA ICP is Only 8 Days away, MAKE SURE you have filled out your Pit Request Form, you can download it here and follow the instructions.


With NWKA ICP CUP just 15 days away book your hotel at Holiday Inn today to lock in your special rate. Reserve Your Room Here


After a long year off, 2021 is looking good. The track is open and so is registration for The Northwest’s Regional Series, NWKA I.C.P. Cup. We’re Kicking off rounds 1 & 2 at Tri City Kart Club April 16-18.


We got some more good news, Mark Kuhns from Project MKP will be attending and taking photos. For early registration we will be drawing five names and give away digital photo packages for each. All you have to do is pre-register at the link in the left hand corner of this page.


In addition anyone who races both days of the Event will get our first club race entry for FREE! See you on track!


Track Open March 6th/7th

We appreciate all the members who came out and helped clean up the facility last weekend. Thank You!  We will officially open up our season this weekend with practice both Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 9am.  Pay for your memberships, pit space, fill out waivers, & pay practice registration in person. Please fill out your membership form before you come.


If you had a reserved pit spot in 2020 you have the first right of refusal for 2021. The deadline for all members who held pit locations last year and want to renew for 2021 is February 27th. Please notify TCKC at the email address below or message us through facebook if you would like to renew.


Send payment to TCKC, PO Box 3662, Pasco WA 99302. If you paid for a spot in full in 2020, you will have a discount of 50% for 2021. Any questions send and email to On February 27th at the work party all remaining spots will be open for any club member to lease. If a waiting list exists, once exhausted the remaining spots are a first come first serve basis.


Thank you,





FEBRUARY 27th 9:00am

Location - Tri City Kart Club

Our track clean up is scheduled for Saturday Feb 27th @ 9:00am.  We rely heavily on member participation to complete the long list of items that need to get done so we can open the track the following weekend for practice.  Bring a strong work ethic, gloves, and tools that may include, leaf blowers, shovels, rakes, pitch forks, pressure washers, torches., or anything else you can think of that may be beneficial.  

Track Clean Up:

  • Water turned on to bathrooms/pits

  • Bathrooms cleaned and restocked

  • Turn on hot water to pit bathrooms and check operation

  • Tower cleaned, floor drains filled with water

  • Clean/organize tech shed

  • Clean scale house

  • Check scales for operation 

  • Clean leafs/debris behind barrier 

  • Reposition barrier 

  • Sweep/blow off track

  • Sweep/blow off pits

  • Remove fencing along pits/gravel parking lot

  • Burn tumble weeds around track and pits

  • Hang TV


Projects to get plans and list of materials for:

  • Sheeting gable ends of grid cover

  • Lights installed for podium 



  Anyone who reserved and paid in full for a pit spot in 2020 will be able to renew at half the price for 2021.



Tri City Kart Club 



Tri City Kart Club  3234 Twin Bridges Rd, Richland WA