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TCKC CLUB RACE #8 - Championship Weekend

Track Layout 1.y (Original Gansta' Layout)  Long Track w/Chicane

Practice this weekend

October 1st & 2nd:    10am - 4pm

Club Race October 9th

Important Information for SNS8 Below!

Open & Print .pdfs below.



SNS8 Practice This Weekend - Track Layout

Track Layout 2.d

Practice this weekend Only

August 5th/6th - Friday/Saturday Night

4pm - Dark (Roughly 9pm)

It's been quite a year at TCKC with our track expansion. It's not a secret our finished product is not what we had envisioned 12 months ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances with our racing surface we've had to adapt, improvise and/or scrap plans we originally had. We apologize to each and everyone of you and thank you for your patience while we work through these issues. Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix but be reassured there are groups & individuals currently working on solutions to repair our track. With that being said, we thought it would be important with our current situation to explain our decision making process for our Saturday Night Shootout 8 Configuration. We took into consideration feedback from our club racers, regional kart racers, our own testing, and the condition of the asphalt before we made a decision. We wanted the smoothest layout that was easiest on the body, easiest on equipment, fast, and still raced well in both 2 and 4 cycle classes.

Configuration 2.d is the clear favorite among our club racers and our choice for SNS8. We will race this in standard clockwise format. You'll have a chance to run it this weekend only as we will be closed the following weekend in preparation for SNS8. Can't wait to see all of you August 19th and 20th!


Night Practice Fri & Saturday

Practice is scheduled under the lights this weekend, for Friday and Saturday from 5:00 - 10:00.


Practice for only $10

We will be hosting a work party this Saturday July 2nd at 9am to finish up some irrigation work and general clean up.  Once we are done,  as a THANK YOU anyone who showed up can practice for $10 (covers the cost of insurance) kids included.  Practice will run until we say it's over.


Saturday Night Shootout 8

Registration is open for SNS8.  Check out our Saturday Night Shootout Page for continuous updates, registration, and more.


Snack Shack.

Snack shack will be serving hot food, snacks and drinks from 7am until 30 mins prior to the final race each day…starting on Friday.  On Sunday from 10am to 5pm we will have an ice cream vendor serving sweet treats!!


Rules update for NWKA Padholder Supercup Sprint Series.

We have been informed that the shortage of raw materials along with longer than normal shipping deliveries will impact the abilities to receive adequate inventories of the LeCont White rain tires. Our supplier however has sufficient supplies of the LaVanto Rain tires in the US and are of the same compounds as the LeCont tires. For the 2022 season LeCont and or LeVanto White rain tires will be allowed for the Padholder Supercup Sprint Series.